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TOP: Even a member of Kuwait royal family has bought Qenti E-bike.

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Welcome to the website of Qenti Ltd., a slovak company seated in Piestany offering you ecolgical vehicles. Thank you for visiting us.


We offer especially/mainly electrical bicycles and electrical scooters designed for riding on paved non-public roads, local public roads and marked bike paths (not intended to be used for terrain riding).


Qenti Ltd. is in the market of electrical bicycles and scooters for five years, although the experience of our experts date back to 2008. We belong to the most experienced and most competent professionals in this area in Slovakia.

Our priority is high quality of supplied goods and service as well as individual approach to the requirements of every client. We also offer expert technical advice of qualified electricians and mechanics, full warranty and non-warranty service and sale of spare parts including

original SLA-batteries 6DZM, developed exclusively for powering electrical vehicles (not inappropriate substitutions with other type designation in the same pouch intended for other purposes, which last only for a short period of time, usually up to a year. It´s not enough if they are marked 12Ah/2-20h).

We are the official partner of Fujian Doubletech, a producer of gel batteries 6DZM as well as other two producers of a wide range of lithium batteries.   



The slovak brand of electrical bicycles   logo qenti1 is also promoted abroad. Our bicycles ride on the roads of Austria, Czech Republic, Germany, Croatia, Great Britain, Kuwait and Israel. You may see, try and even purchase immediately our electrical bicycles and scooters directly: 

  • in the presentation and sales center Qenti in the premises of Tesco Piestany.
  • Team Qenti is looking forward to your visit.brand  images 1e-bikes qenti


All photographs on the site have presentational purpose and our single products may slightly variate in construction and design.

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                          AUPARK 2011      Milan exhibition EICMA 2011
cyklo show  incheba 2012 obchod
             Cyclo show Bratislava 2012        Our shop in Tesco Piestany
aupark 2012 imag0087imag0088      
                     AUPARK  2012                              Presentation rides       

taipei cycle 2013   qenti in taipei              

              TAIWAN - TAIPEI 2013                                 TAIPEI CYCLE SHOW 2013