Huge RSX car with 2.4Ghz remote control and smooth running

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The car is suitable for two larger children. Thanks to two full-length leather saddles with a width of 58cm and belts, it ensures comfortable driving.

For child safety, a seat belt is adjustable on the seat.

The car is equipped with motors on each wheel, ensuring permanent all-wheel drive (4x4).

The car is equipped with illuminating reflectors. Innovative audio unit with modern music and songs, FM radio and bluetooth connectivity for the mobile phone.

4x motor - all-wheel drive, 3 forward and 3 reverse gears, thanks to this equipment is also suitable for light-weight driving.

The possibility of using it for smaller children - thanks to the lower speed setting and smooth start-up.

When the accelerator pedal is depressed, the car runs smoothly thanks to an electronically controlled take-off to avoid unpleasant jolts.


Carbon look of the thresholds

Unique feature: Car music playback via Bluetooth wirelessly - the car will serve as a wireless Bluetooth speaker.

Suitable for two children

Smooth start engine - no unpleasant tearing when adding gas

2.4 GHz remote control with pairing on a specific car - no signal interference with other cars

REMOTE BRAKE ON REMOTE CONTROL - Turns off all car driving functions. Re-depressing the brake brake again activates the driving functions. This innovation provides maximum parental control over the vehicle and safe use.

Speed ​​control on remote control - Allows parents to set speed even while driving.

Speed ​​set indicator on remote control

Upholstered seat - black leatherette

Large soft EVA wheels

Suspension axles

Safety belts

Storage space at the rear of the vehicle

Carbon imitation

Under-seat storage

FM radio with bluetooth function

Package includes: car, adapter with indicator, rechargeable battery

Age category: 3 to 8 years




Uvedená cena zodpovedá základnej konfigurácii modelu RSX. Je možná zmena farby aj konfigurácie, konečná cena modelu bude na základe toho prekalkulovaná. Pre viac informácii nás, prosíme, kontaktujte.

Základné technické parametre

Model RSX
Weight 38 kg
Speed 3-7 km/h
Distance 2-4 hod
Load capacity 35 kg
Voltage / capacity 12 V / 7 Ah
Charge duration MAX. 8 hod
Engine power 4x45 W
Dimensions (L,V,H) 130x83x94 CM

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