Beautiful design of a lightweight boxer with a chassis in the rear hub and PAS 1: 1

Uvedené farby a parametre sú len informačné.



Power consumption of 0.40 Euro per 100 km

CoC - e11 • 2002/24 • 1162 • 00

SLA battery life of max. 3.5 years / 300 charging cycles / 60% DoD

Completely electrified small motorcycle with analogs

18 "x 3.0" standard scooter wheels

High torque engine, elegant suspension - front telescopic fork, rear single axle buffer

For 1 person up to 90 kg

Driving license AM

Brakes - front wheel break, rear drum

Alarm, two-way steering lock, remote start

Recycling fee 1,40 €  is included in the price


Uvedená cena zodpovedá základnej konfigurácii modelu WINDSTORM. Je možná zmena farby aj konfigurácie, konečná cena modelu bude na základe toho prekalkulovaná. Pre viac informácii nás, prosíme, kontaktujte.

Základné technické parametre

Weight 60 kg
Speed max. 35 km/h
Distance max. 35 km
Load capacity max. 90 kg
Capacity 576 Wh
Battery SLA-6DZM12
Voltage 48 V
Charge duration 4-8 hod
Engine power 500 W

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