FLASH 2014 - younger brother of SPEEDY in high gear

Uvedené farby a parametre sú len informačné.



Light Duralumin Frame (6061) - 26 "x2,35 tires

Max. electricity consumption of € 0.20 per 100 km

CE certificates according to EN 15 194 + A1

Max. endurance distance with PAS up to 100 km on a single charge

Li-ion battery life max. 5 years / 700 cycles-80% DoD - battery type EM3605M - 2x integrated in frame

Rear carrier in price - picture

Bicycle weight max. 27 kg

5-step PAS LCD display King Meter

7-gear Shimano Thourney, Shifter SIS

Rear motor 8FUN SWX08


Oil wheel brakes HB870 

Front axle Suntour XCR 26 "oil-lock RSLO

Saddle Vader, suspension seat EXA FORM 52,5

The front light Spaninga TREND

Recycling fee 0,50 €  is included in the price




Uvedená cena zodpovedá základnej konfigurácii modelu FLASH. Je možná zmena farby aj konfigurácie, konečná cena modelu bude na základe toho prekalkulovaná. Pre viac informácii nás, prosíme, kontaktujte.

Základné technické parametre

Model 27 kg
Speed max. 25 km/h
Distance max. 70-100 km
Load capacity max. 100 kg
Capacity 2x 5 Ah
Battery Li-ion
Voltage 36 V
Charge duration 4-6 hod
Engine power 250 W

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